Q. How long is a class?
A. 60 minutes. We can do longer or shorter lessons on demand for private classes.

Q. How much does it cost?:
A. 6,000JPY low season, 8,000JPY middle season or 10,000JPY high season (including tax) per person for an hour. The cost includes rental fee for the taiko sticks. Our group class is FREE for children under 5 years old (when participating along with their family).

Q. What language will the lesson be in?
A. Japanese or English We do our best to make sure that our interpreter/assistant taiko instructor is present at your lesson, but even if they are not there, most instructors speak enough English to teach the class on their own. (If you don’t mind a lot of body language communication, we can accommodate other languages too! There is a French speaking instructor at the Osaka studio.) If you would like to specify an instructor for your lesson (who speaks particular language), please book a private lesson.

Q. Do I need to have any previous experience with taiko playing to attend this class?
A. Not at all! You can have zero experience in taiko or any musical instrument for that matter. Generally taiko makes the same sound when you play it for the first time, regardless of your prior experience, gender or age. However, if you regularly play taiko or you are a professional percussionist, we recommend you to book our private class so that we can meet your specific level and needs.

Q. Should I take private class or group class?
A. If you are looking for the following things, you should book a private class. Otherwise, our group class should be your choice! - Professional drummer/experienced taiko player(s) wanting to learn new technique or a song, a school trip group, large group of friends/family wanting a private bonding time, special class at a temple/hotel/event hall, team building activity for businesses, a group looking for a taiko class as well as a private performance viewing, class longer than 1 hour, group larger than 10 people. Please fill in the custom class reservation form for private class and we will get back to you with confirmation and the price according to your request. (Private class is generally higher rate than the group class.)

Q. Do Tokyo studios (Asakusa or Aoyama) not offer group class?
A. Tokyo ASAKUSA studio now do offer group AND private class, but Tokyo AOYAMA studio only offers private class. For private class, please submit your lesson request through the custom reservation form. For group class, please sort the reservation schedule by the location 'Tokyo'. The price for Tokyo private classes will depends on the specific request, but it is generally higher than the group class.

Q. Who will be in the class with me?
A. Other foreign tourist. Please note that this is essentially a group class. If there is any other tourists who signs up for the same time slot as you, you will be participating in a lesson along with them. Otherwise you might be on your own in the class. (*Please note that there may be families with young children, so if you prefer to be in the class with just adults, please book our private class.)

Q. Who can attend this class?
A. Anyone and everyone above 3 years old! (We understand that it is hard to predict how your young children will fully enjoy it or not - that is why it is free for children under 5 years old!) You can come as a family, couple, friends and you can even come alone! It will be a great opportunity for you to meet other tourists too. Our instructors can manage a class with a wide age spread or multiple cultural backgrounds. If you have a hard time standing for a long period of time, you can play taiko sitting down too!

Q. Can I bring my baby to the class?
A. You can bring your baby with you (under age 3), but please make sure that someone can watch him/her. Please know that the sound of taiko can be very loud and overwhelming to some babies (some loves it though!) - you may have to take the baby out of the studio if they cannot handle it.

Q. What will we do in the class?
A. (This is a rough example) Normally we start with a simple stretch and learning about what taiko is made out of. Then we move onto learning basic taiko movements and try hitting it right away! Usually we teach a few simple patterns or a piece to the participant, which gradually gets more challenging depending on the levels of the participants. Then they do a final run through performance at the end. Before we leave the studio, we will also put you in our traditional 'happi' festival costs to take photos in! Many of our customers enjoy taking group photos with the instructor and taiko before they leave, and stop-by at our store to get some taiko souvenirs!

Q. Who will be my instructor?
A. Taiko-Lab instructor (trained and certified by Taiko-Center) They are all experienced taiko players and most of them are part of performance groups that regularly perform at various events. They run regular taiko classes at our studios. They are all excited to share their passion with you! They also have many good recommendations for places to eat and see in Kyoto, so just ask!

Q. What should I bring?
A. Come in (or bring) clothes that you can exercise in! You will be sweating if you play the taiko right! You will also be asked to take your shoes and socks off for the class (so stockings are not recommended). Tight pants or short skirt will also prevent you from having a good taiko posture! We have a changing room so you may bring a change of clothes. Please note that we do not have a showering facility. We rent the taiko sticks for free for your lesson, but if you wish to use your own and take them with you, we sell them at our studios with many other taiko-related items/souvenirs!

Q. Can I find any souvenir at your studios?
A. Yes you can! The store size differs to each studio, but we do sell very unique and original taiko-related souvenirs like t-shirts, tabi socks, bachi sticks, small key chains, and so on. We also have an online store that ships overseas:
souvenir at your studios

Q. I never played or seen taiko drumming. What is it like to be in your class?
A. There are few articles that were written by class participants. Reading them should give you a better idea, as they have pictures or videos as well! Also, please check our our Tripadvisor page to read honest customer reviews, and our Facebook page for pictures and news.

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